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Set a Better Foundation for Health

Active living and healthy aging make some strong nutritional demands. But modern nutritional fuel often fails to provide enough gas to go very far down the right roads. Fast food lifestyles may contribute to a lower intake of health-promoting nutrients, while contributing to “overnourishment” of fats, sugars, and energy intake that can negatively influence health. The aging process, genetic variations, and gastrointestinal health also influence the body’s ability to absorb nutrients.

  • Over 3 in 5 U.S. adults do not take a daily multivitamin.
  • More than 3 in 5 adults do not take an omega 3 supplement.
  • Only 1 in 3 U.S. adults consumes 2+ servings of fruit daily.
  • Just 1 in 4 American adults eat 3 or more servings of vegetables daily.
  • NHANES data suggests that many older adults don’t get enough nutrients—including folate, zinc, magnesium, and vitamins A, B6, and C—from food alone.

How Supplements Help Meet Nutritional Needs
While food is the optimal source, nutritional supplements may be strategically recommended to help fill dietary gaps or meet special requirements for key nutrients.* But not all supplements contain active ingredients or dosages supported by solid science. And some may contain ingredients with lower bioavailability, higher allergen potential, or contaminants. All of which jeopardize program success and increase the risk for adverse events and additional health complaints.

Foundation Nutrition Support for Wellness and Active Living
Metagenics offers many science-based, natural formulas that provide quality support for foundation nutrition. Including daily multivitamin/mineral formulas to promote overall health and single nutrient formulas for both general and targeted applications.

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Metagenics Celapro Metagenics CoQ BioVail Liquid Metagenics CoQ10 ST-100
MetaSavvy Price: $43.25
CoQ10 ST-100 (120 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $99.75
Metagenics CoQ10 ST-100 CoQ10 ST-200 (60 Softgels) Metagenics D3 10,000 with K2
CoQ10 ST-100 (60 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $53.75
CoQ10 ST-200 (60 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $96.50
D3 10,000 with K2 (60 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $27.95
Metagenics D3 1000 Metagenics D3 2000 Complex Metagenics D3 5000
D3 1000
MetaSavvy Price: $20.75
D3 2000 Complex
MetaSavvy Price: $25.95
D3 5000
MetaSavvy Price: $23.25
Metagenics D3 5000 +K Metagenics D3 Liquid Metagenics E-Complex 1:1
D3 5000 + K
MetaSavvy Price: $24.95
D3 Liquid 2 oz.
MetaSavvy Price: $26.95
E Complex 1:1 (180 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $62.50
Metagenics E-Complex 1:1 Metagenics E-400 Selenium Metagenics E-400 Selenium
E Complex 1:1 (60 Softgels)
MetaSavvy Price: $24.95
E-400 Selenium (180 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $62.50
E-400 Selenium (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $24.95
Metagenics Glycogenics Metagenics Glycogenics Metagenics Hemagenics
Glycogenics (180 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $54.95
Glycogenics (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $21.95
Hemagenics (180 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $44.25
Metagenics Hemagenics Metagenics Intrinsi B12/Folate Metagenics Intrinsi B12/Folate
Hemagenics (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $17.75
Intrinsi B12/Folate (180 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $51.50
Intrinsi B12/Folate (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $20.50
Metagenics Ketogenic Shake Metagenics Ketogenic Soup Metagenics Mag Citrate
Ketogenic Shake
MetaSavvy Price: $56.75
Ketogenic Soup
MetaSavvy Price: $33.95
Mag Citrate (120 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $20.75
Metagenics Mag Glycinate Metagenics Mag Glycinate Metagenics MCT Oil
Mag Glycinate (120 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $26.95
Mag Glycinate (240 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $48.50
Metagenics MCT Powder Metagenics MetaKids D3 Liquid Metagenics Multi-Min Chelate
MCT Powder
MetaSavvy Price: $51.50
MetaKids D3 Liquid
MetaSavvy Price: $25.95
Multi-Min Chelate
MetaSavvy Price: $27.95
Metagenics Multigenics Metagenics Multigenics Metagenics Multigenics Chewable
Multigenics (180 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $44.95
Multigenics (90 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $24.50
Multigenics Chewable (90 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $29.75
Metagenics Multigenics Intensive Care Metagenics Multigenics Intensive Care without Iron Metagenics Multigenics without Iron
Multigenics Intensive Care
MetaSavvy Price: $39.75
Metagenics Multigenics without Iron NutraGems CoQ10 ST-300 Chewable Metagenics Phytoganix
NutraGems CoQ10 ST-300 Chewable
MetaSavvy Price: $71.50
Phytoganix Powder Canister
MetaSavvy Price: $57.95
Metagenics Phytoganix Stick Pack Metagenics PhytoMulti Metagenics PhytoMulti
Phytoganix Sticks
MetaSavvy Price: $35.95
PhytoMulti (120 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $65.95
PhytoMulti (60 CAPSULES)
MetaSavvy Price: $34.50
Metagenics PhytoMulti Metagenics PhytoMulti with Iron Metagenics PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs
PhytoMulti (60 tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $36.95
PhytoMulti with Iron (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $36.95
PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs
MetaSavvy Price: $73.95
Metagenics Ultra Potent-C 1000 Metagenics Ultra Potent-C 500 Metagenics Ultra Potent-C Chewable
Ultra Potent-C 1000
MetaSavvy Price: $31.95
Ultra Potent-C 500
MetaSavvy Price: $21.95
Ultra Potent-C Chewable
MetaSavvy Price: $23.95
Metagenics Ultra Potent-C Powder Wellness Essentials Wellness Essentials Active
Ultra Potent-C Powder
MetaSavvy Price: $39.95
Wellness Essentials
MetaSavvy Price: $44.95
Wellness Essentials Active
MetaSavvy Price: $73.75
Wellness Essentials Brain Health Metagenics Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy Metagenics Wellness Essentials Balance
Wellness Essentials Brain Health
MetaSavvy Price: $89.95
Wellness Essentials Men's Vitality Wellness Essentials Women Wellness Essentials Women's Prime
Wellness Essentials Men's Vitality
MetaSavvy Price: $71.25
Wellness Essentials Women
MetaSavvy Price: $59.95
Wellness Essentials Women's Prime
MetaSavvy Price: $69.95
Metagenics Zinc A.G. Metagenics Zinc A.G. Metagenics Zinc Drink
Zinc A.G. (180 Tablet)
MetaSavvy Price: $32.25
Zinc A.G. (60 Tablets)
MetaSavvy Price: $13.50
Zinc Drink Liquid (28 servings)
MetaSavvy Price: $29.95
Metagenics Zinc Tally
Zinc Tally Liquid (12 servings)
MetaSavvy Price: $26.95

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