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U-10   **DISCONTINUED** Ulcinex Recommended replacement is Zinlori 75
A-01   Adrenogen (90 Tablet)
A-06LG   Adreset 180 Capsules
A-06   Adreset 60 Capsules
A-08LG   AdvaClear (126 Capsule)
A-08   AdvaClear (42 Capsules)
A-04   Andrographis Plus (30 Tablets)
A-12   ArginCor (28 servings)
A-10   Arginine Plus 120T
A-13   Attencia (60 softgels)
A-14   Axis Endo (Formerly Estrium)
B-06   Benesom
B-04   BioPure Protein
B-01   BioSom Spray
B-03   Black Cohosh Plus
B-07   Blisphora (30 Tablets) NOTE: Currently out of Stock
C-04LG   Bone Builder (270 Tablets)
C-17   Bone Builder Active (180 Tablets)
C-18   Bone Builder Chewable (90 Tablets)
c-14LG   Bone Builder Extra Strength (180 Tablet)
C-14   Bone Builder Extra Strength (90 Tablet)
C-31LG   Bone Builder Forte (180 Capsules)
C-31   Bone Builder Forte (90 Capsules)
C-23LG   Bone Builder Prime (270 Tablets)
O-03   Bone Builder Vegetarian (90 Tablets)
C-05LG   Bone Builder with Boron (270 Tablet)
C-22LG   Bone Builder with Magnesium (180 Tablet)
C-22   Bone Builder with Magnesium (90 Tablet)
C-27LG   Candibactin-AR (120 Softgels)
C-27   Candibactin-AR (60 Softgels)
C-28LG   Candibactin-BR (180 Tablets)
C-28   Candibactin-BR (90 Tablets)
C-32   Cardiogenics Intensive Care
C-38   CardioLux HDL
C-16   Cenitol
C-19   Ceralin Forte
C-08   Ceriva
C-24   Chasteberry Plus
C-30   Cholarest SC (60 Tablet)
C-26LG   ChondroCare (240 Tablet)
C-09   Chromium Picolinate
CLEAR   Clear Change 10 Day Detox Program with New and Improved UltraClear Renew
CCDE   Clear Change Daily Essentials
C-11LG   Collagenics (180 Tablets)
U-08LG   Concentrated Ultra Prostagen (60ag Tablets)
C-25LG   CoQ10 ST-100 (120 Softgels)
C-25   CoQ10 ST-100 (60 Softgels)
C-10   CoQ10 ST-200 (60 Softgels)
C-35   Coratin
C-12   Cortico-B5B6 (60 Tablets)
D-07   D3 10,000 with K2 (60 Softgels)
D-02   D3 1000
I-04   D3 2000 Complex
D-04   D3 5000
D-08   D3 5000 + K
D-06   D3 Liquid 2 oz.
E-09   E Complex 1:1 (60 Softgels)
E-01   E-400 Selenium (60 Tablets)
E-03   EC Matrixx
E-02LG   Echinacea Synergy (120 Tablets)
E-05   Endefen
E-16   Endura New Lemonade Flavor 30 Packets
E-11   Essential Defense
E-19   EstroFactors (60 Capsules)
E-10   Exhilarin
FEM-05   Fem EstroPlex (90 Tablets)
FEM-11   Fem Prenatal
F-04   Fenugreek Plus
F-01   Fibroplex (120 Tablets)
F-02LG   FolaPro (120 Tablets)
UBS   GI SUSTAIN (formerly UltraClear Sustain)
G-05LG   Glucosamine Sulfate (90 Tablets)
G-10   Glucosamine Sulfate 750
G-08   GlutaClear 120T
G-04LG   Glycogenics (180 Tablets)
G-04   Glycogenics (60 Tablets)
H-01LG   Hemagenics (180 Tablets)
H-01   Hemagenics (60 Tablets)
UBH   Herbulk
H-07   HerSynergy
T-06   HisSynergy (formerly Tribulus Synergy)
I-07   ImmuCore
I-10   Immune Active
I-11   Immune Defense Packs
I-08LG   Inflavonoid (120 Capsules)
I-08   Inflavonoid (60 Capsules)
I-09   Inflavonoid Intensive Care (120 Capsules)
I-06   Insinase
I-05   Intesol
I-02LG   Intrinsi B12/Folate (180 Tablets)
I-02   Intrinsi B12/Folate (60 Tablets)
K-01   Kaprex (20 Softgels)
K-01LG   Kaprex (60 Softgels)
K-03   Kaprex AI (90 Tablets)
KCS   Ketogenic Shake
C-03   L-Carnitine
L-01   Licorice Plus (60 Tablets)
L-02LG   Lipo-Gen (270 Tablets)
L-02   Lipo-Gen (90 Tablets)
L-04   Lipotain (60 Tablets)
M-01   Mag Citrate (120 Tablets)
M-02   Mag Glycinate (120 Tablets)
M-02LG   Mag Glycinate (240 Tablets)
M-27   Mag L-Threonate (120 Capsules)
MCTP   MCT Powder
M-11LG   Meta I 3 C (180 Capsules)
M-11   Meta I 3 C (60 Capsules)
M-36   Meta Lipoate 300
M-06   Meta-Sitosterol 2.0
UBF   MetaFiber
M-35   MetaGlycemX (60 Tablets)
M-35LG   MetaGlycemX (120 Tablets)
MKDHA-03   MetaKids Baby DHA & D3
U-23   MetaKids Baby Probiotic
MKD3   MetaKids D3 Liquid
D-05   MetaKids DHA (120 Softgels) Formerly Omegagenics DHA Children's
MKNP-MSC   MetaKids Multi Soft Chew
MKNP-C   MetaKids Nutrition Powder
U-09LG   MetaKids Probiotic (formerly UltraFlora Children's) 120 Chewable Tablets
U-09   MetaKids Probiotic (formerly UltraFlora Children's) 60 Chewable Tablets
M-03   MetalloClear
M-26   MetaRelax
V-03   Methyl Care (formerly Vessel Care)
M-08   Mg/K Aspartate
M-24   MitoVive Mitochondria & Cell Function Support*
M-09   Multigenics (180 Tablets)
M-12   Multigenics Chewable (90 Tablets)
M-10LG   Multigenics without Iron (180 Tablets)
M-15   Mycotaki
M-20LG   MyoCalm (180 Tablet)
M-20   MyoCalm (60 Tablet)
M-21LG   MyoCalm Plus (180 Tablets)
M-21   MyoCalm Plus (60 Tablet)
N-02   Nazanol
N-01   Neurosol
N-06   Niatain (60 Tablets)
N-05   NuSera
N-07   NutraGems CoQ10 ST-300 Chewable
O-10   OmegaGenics EPA 1200 (60 Softgels)
O-11LG   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 1000 (120 Softgels)
O-11   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 1000 (60 Softgels)
E-24   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 2400
E-07LG   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 300 (270 Softgels)
O-12   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 300 Algae (60 Softgels)
E-22XL   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 Enteric (240 Softgels)
E-22LG   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 Enteric Coated (120 Softgels)
E-17LG   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 Lemon (120 Softgels)
E-17XL   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 500 Lemon (240 Softgels)
E-25LG   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 (120 Softgels)
E-25XL   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 (240 Softgels)
E-25   OmegaGenics EPA-DHA 720 (60 Softgels)
M-04   OmegaGenics Evening Primrose Oil (formerly Meta EPO)
G-02LG   OmegaGenics GLA 240 (90 Softgels)
O-07   OmegaGenics Mega 10
O-16   OmegaGenics Neuro 1000 (60 Softgels)
O-08   OsteoVantiv
O-02   Ostera
P-27   Perfect Protein Pea & Rice
UPPLG   Perfect Protein Whey
P-01   Perimine
P-16   Phosphatidylserine (60 Softgels)
P-25   Phytoganix Powder Canister
P-26   Phytoganix Sticks
P-21LG   PhytoMulti (120 Tablets)
P-23   PhytoMulti (60 CAPSULES)
P-21   PhytoMulti (60 tablets)
p-22   PhytoMulti with Iron (60 Tablets)
p-29   PlusOne Daily Prenatal Packs
P-09   Probioplex Intensive Care (180 Tablet)
P-10   Probioplex Intensive Care (Powder)
P-05   Protrypsin (60 Tablet)
Q-01   Quercetin 500
R-04   Renagen DTX
S-09LG   Serenagen 180 Tablets
S-09   Serenagen 60 Tablets
S-12LG   SeroSyn (90 Capsules)
S-01   Silymarin 80
S-03   Sinuplex
S-05LG   Spectrazyme Complete 180 Tablets
S-05   Spectrazyme Complete 60T
S-15   Spectrazyme Gluten Digest (40 Capsules total in 20 X 2 Packs)
S-13   Spectrazyme Gluten Digest (90 Capsules)
M-05LG   Spectrazyme Metagest (270 Tablets)
M-05   SpectraZyme Metagest (90 Tablets)
A-02LG   Spectrazyme Pan 9x (270 Tablets)
A-02   Spectrazyme Pan 9x (90 Tablets)
A-03   Spectrazyme Pan 9x ES (90 Tablets)
S-16LG   SPM Active (120 Softgel)
S-16   SPM Active (60 Softgel)
S-04LG   Super Garlic 6000 (90 Tablet)
T-04   Testralin
T-03   Thyrosol Capsules
T-05   Tran-Q (60T)
T-07   Trancor
U-06   Ultra Potent-C 1000
U-05   Ultra Potent-C 500
U-19   Ultra Potent-C Chewable
U-07   Ultra Potent-C Powder
UBC-21   UltraClear

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